Noosa Property Management

For most families an investment in any holiday house is a lifestyle choice. But the reality is that real estate prices in Holiday destinations can be very fickle. The first asset to be sold during periods of economic distress is generally the holiday house – Why?

The reason is a holiday home is usually a cost centre. That is it generally costs money (in the form of interest/opportunity cost/up keep) to operate – without deriving any real source of income. So when the bad times come (as they invariably do) you circle the wagons and cut your costs (i.e. holiday house has to go).

What if you could own a holiday house – and generate a consistent income? That would represent the best of both worlds. You would have a holiday house – available for the times you want to use it – and when it is not being used it could be let out for others to enjoy – and generate you an income stream that would help to offset the running costs of your home.

At HolidayHomes@Noosa – many of our owners are doing just that. They have the dream holiday house – and an income stream – that in many cases makes the holiday house a source of income – rather than a drain on the family budget.

HolidayHomes@Noosa’s core focus is on Holiday accommodation. We don’t operate like our competitors juggling our holiday letting between sales and permanent rentals. Our one focus is to maximise the return on your luxurious Noosa investment property whilst keeping it maintained to the highest standard.

At HolidayHomes@Noosa we aim to provide our owners with excellent service, a strong rental return and reasonable costs.

If you have a holiday Home in Noosa and are thinking about holiday letting why not give HolidayHomes@Noosa a call. We would be happy to provide you with a rental appraisal and let you know if your house is suitable for holiday letting.

Alternatively – should you wish to purchase a holiday house – why not talk to HolidayHomes@Noosa. We have a network of real estate agents that help source properties and of course if you find a house you like – we may be able to help with your purchase as HolidayHomes@Noosa is a licensed Real Estate Agent.